Six Mistakes That Are Causing Your Eyeglasses To Wear Out Faster

Posted on: 11 May 2017

Eyeglasses aren't cheap. It's important to protect the investment you make in them by taking the best possible care so that they last a long time.

If you avoid the following six eyeglass mistakes, your eyeglasses will last a long time and continue to function effectively for you throughout their lifespan:

Buying cheap frames

Expensive frames aren't just about keeping up with fashion. Frames that are more expensive tend to also be more resilient and less prone to breaking.

Invest in higher quality frames and you will probably find that your new eyeglasses last longer while also looking better. 

Wearing them on the top of your head

A lot of people have a habit of situating their glasses up on the top of their head at their hairline when they're not using them. This can cause your fame to become warped over time and can lead to scratches on your lenses. 

Not having a case

Those who don't have a case for their eyeglasses will be more likely to accidentally sit on or step on their glasses. If you have a case and you always put your eyeglasses in it when you remove them, you can rest assured that your glasses won't become broken quickly.

A case is also important when you're traveling and packing your eyeglasses in a bag or suitcase. Without a case, your eyeglasses will not be protected and can easily become crushed when they're being packed up for travel purposes. 

Handling your lenses with dirty hands

It's never a good idea to touch your lenses unless you're cleaning them. Also, take care to make sure that your hands are not dirty. Handling your lenses with dirty hands can cause scratches to form and could allow debris to build up on your lenses so that it needs to be harshly scrubbed away. 

Using the wrong cleaner to wipe off your lenses

You should not use household cleaners or substances like ammonia to clean your lenses. Using warm, soapy water is ok if you're using a mild soap.

The best solution is to use a cleaner that's specifically formulated for cleaning eyeglasses so that you know it won't be excessively harsh or abrasive. 

Rarely cleaning your glasses

Don't neglect cleaning your glasses because debris that builds up on them will be hard to remove without force. Wash your eyeglasses at least once a day to keep them clean and to prevent scratches and deterioration. 

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