5 Repairable Problems With Your Eyeglasses

Posted on: 25 March 2022

Anyone who wears eyeglasses knows that accidents happen despite your best efforts to protect your glasses: a sudden drop or unexpected scratch, a lens that pops out with no warning, and it's not uncommon to accidentally sit on them and break them. It's happened to the best of us. But when problems arise, how do you know if the problem is repairable or if it's going to require an expensive new pair of eyeglasses? If any of your problems or breaks are included in the five listed below, you're in luck! Your local optical repair shop can probably fix it.

Scratched Lens

There's nothing worse than putting on your eyeglasses only to discover a large scratch obscuring your vision. There is usually a moment of panic and then furious wiping in the hopes that it's just a smudge. But the good news is that your local optical repair shop can usually buff out small scratches from the glass so that you'll be able to see clearly again.

Broken Nose Pad

The nose pad of your glasses helps keep them sitting comfortably against your face without causing friction or rubbing. If a pad breaks off or becomes loose, scratchy, or uncomfortable, it's usually a simple fix that your optician may be able to repair or replace on the spot.

Broken Arms at the Hinge

Another common problem is when the arm of your eyeglasses falls apart at the hinge. Most times, the problem is simply that a screw came loose. Even if the screw is lost, your optician will be able to find a replacement and re-fasten the arm to the body of the glasses.

Loose Lenses

If you have glasses with lenses that tend to rattle in the frames or pop out unexpectedly, you don't have to live with the annoyance. With plastic frames, your repair specialist may be able to apply an adhesive to the lens to keep it in place. With metal frames, your repair specialist may be able to tighten or modify the frame to ensure that the lens is properly seated.

Poor Fit

The easiest problem for an optical repair shop to fix is usually a poor fit. With a few adjustments, your technician will be able to fit the frames snugly against your face once again. The problem might only require tightening a few screws on the arms or bending the arms to fit more comfortably behind your ears. 

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