3 Reasons To Invest In Prescription Reading Glasses

Posted on: 10 July 2017

As the body ages, the crystalline lens within the eye becomes less flexible. This loss of flexibility can lead to a deterioration of your ability to see close objects clearly. Reading and other activities can become challenging, and you may find that you need to address the problem by investing in a pair of reading glasses.

While many consumers are tempted to purchase over-the-counter eyeglasses to help them read better, it is beneficial to invest in prescription reading glasses instead. Here are three reasons why you should opt to invest in prescription reading glasses to maximize the benefit your eyeglasses can provide:

1. Prescription reading glasses can have varying lens powers.

It is rare for the rate at which the crystalline lenses in each eye lose their flexibility to be even. Variation in the deterioration rate could result in variations in your ability to see clearly with each eye. Over-the-counter reading glasses have lenses that are the same power.

When you opt to invest in prescription reading glasses, you can have lenses of varying powers. This allows you to customize your eyeglasses to suit your unique vision enhancement needs.

2. Prescription reading glasses can address astigmatism.

When you opt to purchase reading glasses over-the-counter, these eyeglasses will not be able to address any astigmatism you may have. Many people have a small amount of astigmatism that needs to be corrected in order to prevent headaches, tired eyes, and blurry vision.

Your optician will be able to check your eyes for astigmatism and prescribe lenses that correct this condition when you make the choice to invest in prescription reading glasses.

3. Prescription reading glasses are high-quality.

If you want to ensure that you are utilizing the best possible reading glasses, then you need to invest in a pair of prescription eyeglasses. Prescription lenses are optically perfect. This means that they have no distortions or blemishes that could compromise their ability to help you see close objects clearly.

Eyeglasses that are purchased over-the-counter are not optically perfect and could contain waves or small inclusions that impede your vision. Ensure you are using the highest quality product by investing in prescription reading glasses.

Purchasing a pair of prescription reading glasses will help you enhance the quality and precision of your failing vision. Prescription reading glasses can contain varying lens powers for maximum vision correction, they can address astigmatism, and they contain optically perfect lenses that will improve the clarity of your vision in the future.